Homemade Laundry Soap Instructions


washingmachine2 Homemade Laundry Soap Instructions


I know a lot of you were balking at the prices of the laundry detergent in today’s post earlier. I don’t blame you.

For those of you who would like a cheaper alternative, here is a homemade laundry soap that I used to use. This will work for HE machines too.

Our clothes came out clean and fresh every time.

Do-It-Yourself laundry detergent

• 3 bars of soap. (I used to use Ivory) 5 oz.
• 3 cups Borax
• 3 cups Arm & Hammer washing soda ($5 for 55 oz)


First, cover your table with newspaper (especially if you tend to make more of a mess that is necessary like me…lol)

Grate the bars of soap into a container using a cheese grater and add the Borax and Arm & Hammer Washing Soda. Mix it up well and store in an air tight container.

You will only need about 1/4 cup for a full load.



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  1. Can I ask why you stopped using it?

    • Because Mike and I blog a lot of hours, it just became more time efficient for me to order ours online from Amazon using gift cards from Swagbucks.

  2. Jill Deitrick says:

    How much do you use for an HE machine?

    • I would guess the same amount. Ours isn’t HE – so not sure. You may have to experiment a little.

  3. I did this regulary, but used the feltz naptha soap. This worked great. The feltz naptha soap can be found in the laundry soap section. It is a bit more expensive than regular hand doap, but in my opinion is worth the extra cost.

  4. I am wondering why you “used” to use this?
    Just curious…..

  5. I use this but I only use about 1 tablespoon in my HE…it works great and you can use vinegar to go along with it (SOMETIMES) in the fabric softener spot, vinegar gets the soap OFF the clothes but you can’t use it every time or it will loosen the fibers of your clothes.

    • plus it cleans your washer! That is a great perk since Front End loaders sometimes can get moldy in the front

  6. I use this recipe for my own soap as well. I love it. My clothes are so soft and always clean.

  7. You just add these three ingredients together and that’s it? No boiling over the stove?
    How much does this make and for how many loads?

    • Yes, this is for a powder mix – not liquid so no boiling. Each batch lasted me for around 3 months and the boxes made about 2 batches.

  8. I make my own, but with a different recipe. I use 2 cups baking soda, 2 cups washing soda, 2 cups borax and one bar grated Fels Naptha. With a family of 7, it lasts several weeks. With the size of the boxes purchased, you can make several batches. All you have to buy is more Fels Naptha.

  9. I make the liquid form I find that the powder does not always desolve for me. It is a little more time and effort but it cleans very well and it costs so much less.

  10. I make the liquids version an love it! I use 1/2 bar zote soap, 2 cups washing soda, 2 cup borax, makes 5 gallons or about 3 LG laundry soap containers. I havent bought any store stuff since Oct and the regular size boxes of ingredients is what I buy, 4 months worth for $10 cant beat that!

  11. So how much money would you say it costs to make this as opposed to just buying laundry detergant?

    • It was a fraction of the cost when you consider that each batch lasted for so long (2-3 months for a house of 6).

  12. I melt one bar fels naphtha (after grating it), and put it, one cup borax and one cup washing soda in a five gallon bucket, mix well while filling bucket with hot water. Let stand overnight. Mix well again. Fill a jug half full with this soap and rest with water! Shake well before each use! So your getting ten gallons of detergent for about $7 a year!!!!!!!! This is all I have used for four years now. Use quarter cup for he machines and half a cup for top loaders.

  13. Now if you can just figure out how to make gas for my car I’ll be all set. :)

  14. It should be noted to *finely* grate the soap! trying to unclog my washer now….