Make Money with Surveys


We all need some extra cash from time to time. Doing surveys in your spare time can bring you that extra cash!

Here are a few companies that are currently accepting members.


Mindfield Internet Panels





Pinecone Research


Opinion Outpost


Valued Opinions

Let us know what your favorite Survey company is!!!

Check out everthing you need to know about Survey Companies here.

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  1. Are these sites tried and still recommended? I signed up for one or so to only get inundated with emails and getting my antivirus software up and working against potential “threats” Are these really worth the hassle? I also found it very difficult to unsubscribe from them with a ton of emails clogging my junk folders. can anyone comment?

  2. For Valued Opinions, I just wanted to advise everyone that it is extremely difficult to get a voucher from these people. One you get to $20 you can redeem a vouncher
    but every time I go to get one I constantly have to call and email before I ever get it. Currently I tried to redeem an amazon giftcard for $20 and its been a lot long then 10 days, I have emailed three times and left
    Isabel 2 voicemails and still no response. Just be aware!

    • I always get the $20 Macy’s gift card that is sent to my home address. They work too. I guess I like things a little more tangible than bonus codes and lots of rules even if it means I get less bang for my time. Of course, the Macy’s gift cards work for clearance and sales.

  3. Pysusmc says:

    NOne of these are scams?

  4. Ajayford says:

    I like Pinecone Research, I always get to finish each survey because they are set up so you can’t screen out of them. Each one pays $3.00 and you can have it deposited in PayPal or sent by check. Sometimes they send things for you to test, I’ve been sent 3 different packages to try and give my opinion on, and got to keep the items.

  5. Camzmom1 says:

    My top 3 survey sites are Pincone (for the same reason as Ajayford said), e-rewards and Opinion Outpost. I have had very good luck with all 3 and a few others too!

  6. Katkoupon says:

    The only one I’ve tried is Toluna Survey. I do get screened out of a good bit of the surveys, but I find that if I attempt only the ones that are sent directly to my inbox, I complete more of them that way. I quit wasting my time by trying to go to the site and complete those. It took me about 6 months to get 60,000 points, which can be converted to a $20 check. And I got it a few weeks ago and cashed it no problem. I’ve already gotten my next 60,000 points, and very quickly since I was able to complete one survey worth 45,000 points. Most surveys are from 1,800-6,000. So it can take a while to get your points built up. I may have to check out Pinecone, thanks for the comments!

  7. Danielle says:

    I’ve had pretty good luck with survey spot and opinion outpost. No they are not scams, but if you have any kind of decent job, you probably won’t find them (or any survey site) to be very worth your time. For the amount of surveys you don’t qualify for (sometimes you answer like, 10 minutes of questions before they tell you you don’t qualify. This always pisses me off so bad.), the time really adds up. And the ones you do qualify for will add up to equivalent of minimum wage if you’re lucky. Kind of fun though if you have enough free time. And the money does add up to a nice chunk of pocket change or gas money eventually.

  8. Trivers44 says:

    Are all of these free? or do you have to opt out after a certain amount of days or you will be charged?

    • Christy Anderson says:

      They are all free. You only get $ for the time you but in to take the surveys, which takes awhile. You will not get rich doing these, but the money will add up and will be a nice chunk of change per year.

  9. Janet T. says:

    I usually don’t qualify for surveys, so I try to do other sites where I can make a little extra. My new favorite site is Beezag. You watch video ads and earn points for each video. I have earned $16 so far and the money goes directly into your paypal account. Check it out if you are interested

  10. Eugene D. says:

    I am a member of a bunch of them but I really like Pinecone Research the best. The others (e.g. Synovate, MySurvey, PermissionResearch) takes too long before you earn anything IMHO.

  11. Jennifer says:

    I love Valued Opinions!

  12. Jennifer says:

    I love Valued Opinions!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Pinecone Research is the best! I get sent surveys on a regular basis. I’ve also received several full size products for free to test. And you get paid for the post-test survey. Since it IS legit, I don’t think the panel is always open for new members. A while ago I was sent an email to invite family and friends to join. I sent it to everyone I knew! Don’t know if anyone signed up. You’re not going to become filthy rich of course, but don’t turn your nose up at $3.00! It does add up.

  14. Mommaslilangels says:

    Only problem with Pinecone Research is you have to have a referal to join and since I don’t know anyone that is currently a member I can’t join. I find this very frustrating as I would love to try this research company out. If anyone is willing to refer me please contact me at…..Thanks so much! Sara

  15. Ashmommy85 says:

    Would love a pinecone invite if anyone can!

  16. inbox dollars coupon for 35 cents off smiths milk….print 3

  17. I would really like an invitation to Pinecone Research! My email address is If anyone is a member and would like to help me out, please shoot me an email! Thank you!


  18. I do most of these right now but I would love a referral to Pinecone Research. Email is Thanks!

  19. i like e reward and mindfield online. i would like a referral to Pinecone Research

  20. Wow, I would really love an invitation to Pinecone Research too! My email address is If anyone is a member and could help me out, please let me know!

    Thanks in advance!

  21. Christy Anderson says:

    I personaly use Pinecone, My Survey, IPSOS, e-rewards, send earnings, and just signed up for inbox dollars. I highly recommend Pinecone and My Survey! I haven’t tried to cash out on the others yet b/c I’m saving up points for a high value item from Amazon so I can’t say how their rewards are, but I do get rewarded my points for the emails and surveys.

  22. Opinion Outpost and e-Rewards have worked pretty well for me. I would love to join Pinecone but they don’t take people from Alaska……

  23. If anyone would be willing to send an invite to Pincone research; it would be much appreciated :) Email is Thank you