My Coke Rewards – 12 Days of Christmas: Walmart, McDonald’s, Nike Gift Cards and More..

my coke My Coke Rewards   12 Days of Christmas: Walmart, McDonalds, Nike Gift Cards and More..

My Coke Rewards – 12 Days of Christmas

My Coke Rewards is offering 12 Days of Holiday Rewards where you can get great deals each day. Each day there is a different offer available while quantities last!  Hover over rewards, then go down to ‘what’s new’ and choose the First 12 Days of Holiday Rewards.

December 1st – $25 Walmart gift card only 600 points (limit 1)
December 2nd – $5 McDonald’s gift card only 90 points (limit 1)
December 3rd – $10 Dominos Pizza gift card only 180 points (limit 1)
December 4th – $25 Nike eGift Card only 500 points (limit 1)
December 5th – $25 TJ Maxx gift card only 600 points (limit 1)
December 6th – $25 Best Buy gift card only 600 points (limit 1)
December 7th – 2 AMC movie tickets and 2 Drinks only 470 points (limit 1)
December 8th – $25 Home Depot gift card only 600 points (limit 1)
December 9th – $50 Southwest Airlines gift card only 1,200 points (limit 1)
December 10th – $50 Bass Pro Shops gift card only 1,200 points (limit 1)
December 11th – $20 Shutterfly eGift Card only 200 points (limit 1)
December 12th – FREE 12-pack Coke coupon only 30 points (limit 4)

Suggestions on how to get this offer if you are having problems getting it:

  • Log in to your account, click on the Special Offers link in the top right and then click on the item being offered
  • Log out of My Coke Rewards and then log back in to your account
  • Try a different web browser

Thanks, Linda

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  1. I just entered a code and did not find the Walmart card available. Are they out already?

  2. When do they offer them-midnight? Because today’s was gone before 9am.

  3. Christine M. says:

    I just saw this. Bummed about not getting the Walmart card, but I did get the McDonalds gift card. Look under the 501+ points tab, and you will see the offer listed under the 12 Daysof Christmas promo for 90-1200 points.

  4. Problem with the Mcdonalds gift cards? I know they’re not out, as I’ve been trying since 12am to no avail.

    • You need to go to the rewards catalog and hit the button for hand-picked rewards. It will immediately pop up for you. I couldn’t find it either.

  5. I was on at midnight, and 4am, and now and I still don’t see the McDonalds, I see where it’s being offered but there is no option to get it??

  6. FINALLY found the link. Looked under “My special offers” and that took me to the link to get the gift card. Hope this helps.

  7. I have no special offers! SOOOOO…. frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Very frustrating!! been trying since 5am, didnt get one, is it Limited 1 for the entire 12days or was I suppose to enter certain amt of code each time. I did get the Walmart card. HELP!!

  9. This was really vey disappointng. Could never get one were always gone by 7 am. Waste of time.

  10. ave set my alarm to make sure i got the ones i wanted walmart mcdonalds bestbuy homedepot and will do the same for shutterfly and coke

  11. Thanks for this :) I already got a ton of gift cards and i am waiting for the 12 packs to come. I cant wait! Thanks to you i know ahead to go on my other profiles and put points on them :} Thanks :)

  12. Christine M. says:

    It is limiting the 12 packs to 1 per MCR member

  13. my coke reward is only allowing one coke per account not 4 limit as stated on advertisement.

  14. It would only allow me to get one 12 pack coupon. After waiting for days for this deal I am very frustrated :(


    Every blog I read said Limit of 4 for the 12th day rewards, but I was only able to get one.

  16. coupon for free 12 pack is up for 30 points…unfortunately it’s only a limit of 1 rather than the limit of 4 that is posted everywhere on the internet. :( wonder when mycokerewards changed their minds. oh well. i got mine.

  17. I was only allowed one 12 pack coupon ….

  18. got the coke for 30 points, it said you can get 4 i could only do it once, bummer i would have done it all 4 times.

  19. The coke 12 packs are limited to 1 per account, not 4.

  20. Nadine Fontaine says:

    just got my free coke at 7:40 am–thanks for posting! especially for posting the note about looking under “my special offers”, I was getting frustrated not finding it anywhere but then read your note and got in!!

  21. Regarding the Shutterfly $20 egiftcard. Can this be used on anything or can it only be used to purchase christmas cards ? The description is a little confusing, so I was wondering if anyone that got it already could clarify. Thanks !!