Missing Mojo Savings on Facebook? How to Get All the Deals!

Facebook has made a few changes here lately and we wanted to go through them with you.

First of all, one thing that has not changed is that you need to interact on a page in order for the posts to show up on your wall. The more you Like posts, comment or leave your own post, the more those posts will show up on your wall. These will be deemed as more relevant to you. This goes for your personal friends and family too. Don’t interact with your cousin for a week or so, and poof – you won’t see her posts.

New Changes

One thing that has changed is for Business Pages. Our posts only reach about 10-15% of our Likers – this isn’t anything  new.

Facebook is now offering Business Pages the option to pay for their posts to reach more of their Likers.

Many people are very upset about this. But, let’s face it, Facebook is a business and they have the right to offer a new tool and charge for it.

I am sure this new tool will be helpful for many businesses with larger budgets for advertising. As for Mojo Savings, we won’t be paying for this option.

So, if Mojo has fallen off your wall and you would like to get our posts back, simply follow any of the steps below.

#1 – Go to the MojoSavings Facebook page and scroll over the check mark on the Liked button. When the box appears, click Show in News Feed.

#2 – On your wall, scroll over the Sort button and choose Most Recent. Unfortunately, it appears you have to do this every time you login to Facebook. Hopefully this will change soon.

#3 – Make a List and put all your Frugal Blogs in it. On the left hand side of your Wall, find where it says Friends and click More to the right of it. Choose Create List and  name it. Then go into Manage List and choose Edit List. Using the On This List tab you will be able to add both friends and pages to the list.

#4 – Be sure to interact with those you want to be on your wall. Click Like on the posts, leave a comment…

You can always get our daily email when you subscribe to Mojo’s Emails.

Plus, you can follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and Reclip.it.

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  1. Lisa J. says:

    I have done all of your suggestions in the past few months, and I think the list thing is the only way I can see every post. The other ways don’t seem to be working anymore. I hardly have anything showing on my news feed now, but everything shows when I click on the list I have it sorted in. I got the list idea when I went to Facebook help, and someone showed how to do it.

  2. Love free coupons God Bless u all they really help. <3